Technology platforms

Transcriptome-Biochips (part of the Toulouse Genopole)

  • Regroups both the expertise and the technology necessary for the analysis of gene expression at the level of entire genomes of different biological systems, notably that of micro-organisms.
  • Development of innovative technology for future generation of chip-based analysis.

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Advanced technology in the domain of integrated biology, high resolution using NMR and MS technology to quantify metabolite concentrations and fl uxes through biochemical networks enables the global analysis of biological systems to supply important data for the domains of health and for the agrobiosciences and microbiology.

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Combinatory engineering and high throughput screening for optimized enzymes

  • Combinatory engineering of proteins is used to modify or improve existing enzyme properties in order to render them more useful for industrial applications.
  • Generation of gene variants using random mutagenesis and in vitro recombination is followed by screening for desirable properties using rapid robotized screens.
  • The facilities can also be used to screen other banks (genomic, metagenomic, etc).

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